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Khatre Da Ghuggu Full Movie 

Aman Cheema's Punjabi comedy film is the Khatre Da Ghuggu full movie. It's a show full of fun. Punjabi's major stars have been Diljot, BN Sharma, Jordan Sandhu, Anita Sabdish and Prakash Gadhu. On January 17, 2020, this movie is released.
Khatre Da Ghuggu full movie
Khatre Da Ghuggu

Khatre da ghuggu movie story

The story of this film begins with Jordan Sandhu, who works as Raja to earn money and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a singer. Later on, he meets Meet whom he falls in love with and both They start loving each other but Meet. Girl's father BN Sharma works in the electricity department, he is already unhappy with his work, family, employees and his life.  A gangster, an astrologer, a hypocrite and with many ups and downs due to various circumstances, the story moves forward in a comic and interesting way. Will Meet get his love, will Fateh become a singer, excitement will return to the life of his Kanwar Mahinder Singh? All these questions are answered amusingly in the film 'Khatron Ke Khiladi'.

Khatre da ghuggu cast

Jordan Sandhu 
BN Sharma
Anita Sabdeesh
Prakash Gadhu

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Khatre da ghuggu Movie Review

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